13 March 2011

Three Month Standing

We've managed to carry out our first gathering at Damar, Sri Damansara on February. Mixed Movement is still very new. Only a few who were actually knew about us. It's been three month now. We are currently working on our Promo, Trailer, Intro, and Tee Ad videos. Still filming the scenes and creating routines. Up a head, there are comps that we would like to participate in. Working out to nail those power moves and tricky routines. Many training sessions has been implemented. We've now intensified. Here are some clips we've recorded during the past few sessions.

February Gathering & Small Workshop

Practice Session 2

Practice Session


and some videos from atha that were recorded from recent sessions that he had with the others

Taman Lembah Kiara Session 2

Taman Lembah Kiara Session

24 January 2011

The Journey Begins

Hey There! we are the Mixed Movement. So what is it about us that we're so called the Mixed Movement? essentially, Mixed Movement is a group of movement artist (traceurs, trickers, dancers, etc) that practices various types of street stunts and varieties of street dances in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Any aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, twists, spins, and choreography that are considered as the art of movement we attempt to carry out into practice.

Here we will updates about our practice/jam sessions, events, funny stuffs and anything that we're involves with. What do you need to know about our group? each members of Mixed Movement came up from different interests and different view of movement art. We share knowledge of movement and support each other to enhance our self. Joining together gives us a wide range of taste of different movements. So we created the Mixed Movement. Hopefully to gather and share our interests and viewpoints toward the art of movement. So are you a traceur? b-boy? or even a cheerleader? you can join our training and jam sessions for sure!